Opening Up Hair Follicles

Organic Acid Skin Rejuvenation
1. Grease and scabs accumulated on the skin hair will, following metabolic rejuvenation, give way to hair having a relatively transparent color and fine texture; and, the scalp-age will become noticeably younger as a result of purification.
2. Pores will become noticeably larger aiding the effects of subsequent hair cultivation by improving the space and environment for follicle and shaft growth.
3. The level of abnormal hair-loss following treatment will undergo an essential improvement. In the case of comparatively serious alopecia this treatment is a necessary precursor as it has a definite supplemental effect on subsequent treatments. In addition to the aforementioned useful effects of skin renewal, harm from sources of contamination will be lessened and both hair and follicles will undergo improvement making for a beneficial environment conducive for hair-ecology so that the condition of alopecia gradually diminishes to a level of normality.
4. For scalps with dandruff or folliculitis there is a bactericidal and curative effect; but in cases of ulcerations or open wounds use should be avoided.
5. After several metabolic treatments using organic acid skin renewal the color and transparency of hair and pore size will all become healthier.
6. The small-sized fat-soluble molecules of the organic acid rapidly and efficiently penetrate deep into the epidermis. This promotes dermis cell biosynthesis and permits the fibroblasts to synthesize comparatively more mucopolysaccharides allowing for an increase to the moisture content of the dermis that improves the oiliness of dry-scalp phenomenon, so that after skin renewal the scalp will be healthy.

Indications for hair-growth skin rejuvenation

‧Itchy scalp.

‧Blocked pores.



‧Hair loss.


‧Scalp pathologies.

‧Seborrheic dermatitis

‧Oily scalp.

1. Removes scalp dander and wax thoroughly cleaning hair-skin.
2. Expands pores improving follicle and shaft growth space.
3. Increases water content of the dermis eliminating oily hair-skin.
4. Has bactericidal and curative effect on scalp dandruff and folliculitis.
5. Essential improvement of abnormal hair-loss following treatment.
6. Stimulates dermal cell biosynthesis promoting comparatively more mucopolysaccharide synthesis by fibroblasts increasing moisture content of the dermis and improving dry-scalp phenomenon.
7. Remedies abnormal secretion by the sebaceous glands increasing scalp resistance to disease.